Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1sts for January 2011

I made it a New Year's "goal" to try to do something new each and every day this year. Here are my January results!

Jan 1: Worked on New Years for the first time ever
Jan 2: Worked at Mickey's Groove for the first time
Jan 3: Took 2 bubble baths in one day
Jan 4: Ate spam fried rice and mochi, from Hawaii. Kayla cooked it.
Jan 5: Went to Bdubs for Kareoke night
Jan 6: Went to animation courtyard in Disney's Hollywood Studios
Jan 7: Went and saw Gwenyth Paltrow sing in Country Strong
Jan 8: Moved into a one-bedroom apartment
Jan 9: Had my first real GOOD spanish interaction at work
Jan 10: Met a nice person at costume (a major first...they are all mean)
Jan 11: Went on a walking photo adventure
Jan 12: Worshipped God loud enough that i'm sure my neighbors heard
Jan 13: I was the only closing stocker from L-Square and it went better than expected
Jan 14: I beat someone at Facebook scrabble
Jan 15: Stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a small group at my church where I knew nobody
Jan 16: Blew kisses with Leilani
Jan 17: Explored Deerfield Island
Jan 18: Popsicle stick crafts with the roomie
Jan 19: read over 100 pages in one sitting
Jan 20: Helped reset the entire store of Heritage House
Jan 21: Learned how to use the pricing machine at work
Jan 22: Saw the new castle show for the first time
Jan 23: Requested 3 ER's and got extended instead
Jan 24: Play wii with Amber
Jan 25: Bought my first vinylmation
Jan 26: Tried to see fireworks from the 3rd floor of my apartment building and failed
Jan 27: Took a new way home from downtown disney
Jan 28: Met and worked with someone from King City, Missouri
Jan 29: Ate at Pei Wei for the first time
Jan 30: Got a GSF from the meanest coordinator in our area
Jan 31: Met some of the Chilean Miners at work

January was amazing and I hope February is just as awesome !:)

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