Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bump the Blessing to Brazil

I am playing in a volleyball tourney today with my boyfriend to raise money for a Brazil mission trip that Calvary Chapel is taking! I have not played in a very long time so I am sure I am rusty. This should be interesting.

I will post later on how it all went :)

And if you are in South Florida, come out and support us! It's at Pompano Community Park from 3pm-6pm! There will be plenty of food with a $10 suggested donation!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream a little dream

I can't get Disney off of my mind! All I think about is when I am going to work at Disney. I can't even focus on summer camp and how I am going to impact these girls, because all I can thing about is Cinderella's Castle and seeing the magic happen from the inside!!! It's like a disease with no cure, I swear!

Summer camp is 4 weeks away and our retreat is 2 weeks away. I have a pretty busy next couple of weeks coming up. I like being busy though because it detracts from my thoughts about DISNEY! haha.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010


10 things about myself

  • My heart is very guarded. It is hard to get past that, but once you do, you will be a friend forever.
  • Jesus Christ my best friend!
  • I like to listen to the Spice Girls.
  • I am a Disney fanatic.
  • Reading is very calming to me.
  • My little brother is amazing and I have enjoyed watching him grow up into the young man that he is becoming.
  • I work out, but I hate it. I just wish I was in better shape.
  • I am fearful of what the future may hold.
  • I love my job. I work with some of the most amazing kids!
  • I love sleep. Probably more than the average person!

9 things I have thought about recently

  • I can't wait to move to Orlando and work for the Mouse. I am looking forward do it so much.
  • Ministering to the girls I have this summer is more important than ever. It's my last year AND their last year before they go to high school.
  • Friendships change, people change, and I have changed.
  • The Dalit people of India need our help!
  • The internet at my house is running slow and it's frustrating.
  • I am nervous about having a roommate again. I haven't had one in about 3 years.
  • I want to take more spanish classes. Where can I do this?
  • Ugh, I need to work out, but I don't want to.
  • I should probably blog more.

8 ways to win my heart

  • Cook for me
  • Read the bible with me
  • Treat me the way I should be treated
  • Be honest
  • Be patient
  • Do not be selfish or self-seeking
  • Have a love for God
  • Treat my family and friends with respect

7 favorite songs I have had

  • Separate Ways (worlds apart)-Journey
  • Part of your world-The Little Mermaid
  • Tear Down the Walls-Hillsong United
  • My own two hands-Jack Johnson
  • Face Up-Lights
  • Friends in Low Places-Garth Brooks
  • Something to be Proud of-Montgomery Gentry

6 things I do before I go to bed

  • Close the blinds
  • Brush my teeth
  • Text my boyfriend
  • Read a book
  • Set my alarm
  • Pray

5 things I wish I could say to 5 different people

  • I'm glad I got away from that tiny town and that tiny school. You tried to bring me down. As a counselor, you tried to get me to apply to local schools and not live up to my potential. Well guess what? I am making it in South Florida. I graduated college. And I am gonna be working for a Fortune 100 company. And you said I wouldn't make it.
  • Thank you for teaching me to be better person and thank you for bringing me closer to God. Thank you for the wonderful Youth Group that I enjoyed so much and thank you for the Dallas trips to CFNI!
  • I wish you were more "family". I hate that you are so distant. You are not the type of family member I was taught there was. You are never there.
  • Thank you for being such a wonderful father. I truly am still a "daddy's girl" and I love that.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to respect, how to love, how to turn my cheek and how to get out of that stupid little town. Thank you for following me to Florida. I would never have done it without you.

4 things you are doing right now

  • This.
  • Listening to Glee cast
  • Drinking coffee
  • Watching my cat dream

3 things you are scared of

  • Dying without saying goodbye
  • Losing someone I am close to
  • Breast cancer

2 things to do before you die

  • Travel the world, particularly Europe
  • Make an impact on as many lives as possible

One Confession

  • I am scared to death to step out into the unknown and work for Disney. And I hate that I will be 4 hours away from my family and boyfriend.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Glee review

As per Jessika's request, I will be blogging today about MY take on what's happening on Glee.

  • Okay, so obviously Quinn is preggo and is feeling all sorry for herself because her baby daddy wants to be with everyone BUT her.
  • On the note of the baby daddy, Puck is trying to get with Mercedes because when his mohawk got shaved off by his doctor (because they thought he might have had a cancerous mole?) his popularity plummeted and nobody was scared of him anymore. Mercedes is the hot new girl on the block with her skyrocketing popularity, therefore Puck starts to date her (even though she KNOWS he is using her).
  • Finn is still pining over Rachel who is still pining over Jesse. This crazy love triangle stuff is so old. Rachel just needs to get with Finn because obviously Jesse is over her after the whole debaucle last week.
  • Rachel has lost her voice due to tonsilitis and is scared she will never be able to sing again which turns into a huge poor pitiful me sob fest. She goes to visit Finn's friend who can never walk or play football again and she realizes there is more to her than singing (DUH!) even though it turns out that her voice is fine and turns back to normal.
  • This episode was filled with some good music, and some dumb music. I feel like Glee is putting too many songs in one episode now because they are trying to compensate for the poor story lines. The directors need to just focus on one story, one (or two songs) and go back to the basics of the show.
  • And most of this review was based off of my opinions and the way I see the show, so don't be offended. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes?
  • Oh, and don't think I don't LOVE this show, because I so do. :)
And that's what you missed on Glee!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Compassion, weekends, and a phone incident

Wow. This weekend was such a relaxing and good one! :) It is nice to be able to relax and not have to think about schoolwork because I am officially done with school!

Church was amazing this weekend! They ended the Synergy series and recognized all women in the church for Mother's Day, not just mothers so that was really nice. And our Pastor made an announcement that our church adopted an entire orphanage in Haiti! :) This made me smile so big, brought a tear to my eyes, and filled my heart with such joy in knowing that my church has stepped out into the unknown to tackle this HUGE project of loving on a group of "unloveable" children and helping them by building structures and giving them the resources needed to have 3 square meals a day and to give them an education. THAT is what showing the love of Christ is all about!

Yesterday, I was out by the pool with my family when a bee landed on my little brother. So he jumped in the pool to get it off and it was floating in the water near him. I took a ball and I threw it at it in the hopes of killing it, and my NEW phone flew into the pool with it. It sunk straight to the bottom so I dove in to get it, and it was dead. :( Good thing I added insurance to this phone because it was a Droid google phone that cost me a lot of money. So right now I am on a loaned phone from my grandma. I get my phone back on Tuesday, but it is so odd being without a smartphone after having it for a little over a month. The phone I am using right now is BASIC. Very very BASIC.

And I have one more last thing to say! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE MINARDI! :) hope it is a wonderful day for you! <3>

Friday, May 7, 2010

Class of 2010 :)

I am officially an alumni of Florida Atlantic University! It has been a hard 5 years but it was sooo worth walking across that stage yesterday with my family and boyfriend cheering for me! My parents have pushed me to be the best I could be and I am so incredibly thankful for them!

The next step in this journey is finishing out the Academic year at work and preparing and praying for summer camp. I am so excited to have the same girls I have had for the previous two years. I am excited to minister to them and hopefully leave them with some great memories as they go into 8th grade this year and high school next year. The group of girls I have are amazing and I can't wait to share 9 weeks with them. :)

After summer camp, of course, is DISNEY! I get about a week and a half off of work and I get to celebrate Leilani and Christine's birthdays along with my little brother's 16th birthday! It will be a special time right before I pack up and move 4 hours away to Orlando. I can't believe that I am really taking this huge leap and doing this! Am I crazy?

Thank you for reading this post (if you did). Have a great weekend everyone!