Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday madness begins

So my trip home was pretty good. I got George to cover my shift on Monday so that I could stay home all the way through Tuesday! :) I got to be home for almost 5 days and it felt good to be refreshed and ready to go back to work for the holiday season.

They are already starting to work me like crazy for the holidays and we are still not "officially" in the season yet. Plus, today, I am deployed for one day to Downtown Disney, at D-Street/TrenD. I have never even been to these stores so this will be an interesting experience. And then next week, I am working over 10 hours, nearly every single day.

However, this week also, my best friend, her husband, daughter, and her daughter's godmother are all coming to visit me here at Disney so we are going to spend 2 very fun-filled days in the parks. It will be Josh and Leilani's first time at Magic Kingdom so I am pumped! :) It will be so much fun.

Well, off to clean. We have inspections on Monday.

Love y'all!

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