Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dreams are coming trueeeeeee:)
In 5 days I will be in Orlando and in 6 days, I will be checking in at Vista Way, ready to start my life at Disney!

I am so incredibly excited! I have been vlogging more than I have been writing in my blog. I am sorry and I will try to keep up with it more often. I will also try to post my vlogs here as well as on YouTube so that you can have access to it if you are a subscriber here.

Outside of Disney being almost here, nothing new is really happening. I have been packing like crazy and scrapbooking and that is about all! Summer camp ended last Friday and it was very emotional, being my last day at a job that I LOVED and worked at for 4 years.

Well, I will try to post more later. I need suggestions for what to write about though because I have the worst "bloggers block" ever!

Peace and pixie dust! :)

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