Friday, May 14, 2010

Glee review

As per Jessika's request, I will be blogging today about MY take on what's happening on Glee.

  • Okay, so obviously Quinn is preggo and is feeling all sorry for herself because her baby daddy wants to be with everyone BUT her.
  • On the note of the baby daddy, Puck is trying to get with Mercedes because when his mohawk got shaved off by his doctor (because they thought he might have had a cancerous mole?) his popularity plummeted and nobody was scared of him anymore. Mercedes is the hot new girl on the block with her skyrocketing popularity, therefore Puck starts to date her (even though she KNOWS he is using her).
  • Finn is still pining over Rachel who is still pining over Jesse. This crazy love triangle stuff is so old. Rachel just needs to get with Finn because obviously Jesse is over her after the whole debaucle last week.
  • Rachel has lost her voice due to tonsilitis and is scared she will never be able to sing again which turns into a huge poor pitiful me sob fest. She goes to visit Finn's friend who can never walk or play football again and she realizes there is more to her than singing (DUH!) even though it turns out that her voice is fine and turns back to normal.
  • This episode was filled with some good music, and some dumb music. I feel like Glee is putting too many songs in one episode now because they are trying to compensate for the poor story lines. The directors need to just focus on one story, one (or two songs) and go back to the basics of the show.
  • And most of this review was based off of my opinions and the way I see the show, so don't be offended. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes?
  • Oh, and don't think I don't LOVE this show, because I so do. :)
And that's what you missed on Glee!

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  1. ohhh, okay, that clears up A LOT!! Thank you (: