Monday, May 10, 2010

Compassion, weekends, and a phone incident

Wow. This weekend was such a relaxing and good one! :) It is nice to be able to relax and not have to think about schoolwork because I am officially done with school!

Church was amazing this weekend! They ended the Synergy series and recognized all women in the church for Mother's Day, not just mothers so that was really nice. And our Pastor made an announcement that our church adopted an entire orphanage in Haiti! :) This made me smile so big, brought a tear to my eyes, and filled my heart with such joy in knowing that my church has stepped out into the unknown to tackle this HUGE project of loving on a group of "unloveable" children and helping them by building structures and giving them the resources needed to have 3 square meals a day and to give them an education. THAT is what showing the love of Christ is all about!

Yesterday, I was out by the pool with my family when a bee landed on my little brother. So he jumped in the pool to get it off and it was floating in the water near him. I took a ball and I threw it at it in the hopes of killing it, and my NEW phone flew into the pool with it. It sunk straight to the bottom so I dove in to get it, and it was dead. :( Good thing I added insurance to this phone because it was a Droid google phone that cost me a lot of money. So right now I am on a loaned phone from my grandma. I get my phone back on Tuesday, but it is so odd being without a smartphone after having it for a little over a month. The phone I am using right now is BASIC. Very very BASIC.

And I have one more last thing to say! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE MINARDI! :) hope it is a wonderful day for you! <3>

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