Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 2 of camp review!

This week at camp was a great week! Had some disciplinary issues but outside of that it really was a fun week. In devotions, we taught about the miracle of "water to wine at the wedding" or also known as Jesus' first recorded miracle. It was a great lesson for the kids.

Monday- We went to LaserQuest which is ALWAYS fun time. My code name was "thrillpoints" from the movie last week...haha. All of the girl counselors did names from that movie and then ganged up on the kids as an alliance. It was great!

Tuesday- We went to Boomers in Dania Beach. A lot of really funny things happened here. I had a kid lose his bag and I found it and when I opened it, there were angry birds keychains in it! So I wore one for the rest of the day. Coolest keychains ever. Just saying. And then I had a kid ask me and one of the other counselors if we were "lovebirds" because we hang out a lot. It definitely made me laugh. Kids say such funny things. And then I worked out with Mario and Billy later this day. Well...actually...I ran an extra mile while I watched Mario try to train Billy in crossfit. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday- We went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in the theatres and it was such a cute movie with a great message in it. It was even used as an example in church later that night at Calvary. I liked that. I went to Calvary with Chris and Matt and it was a great service. Steve Williams from the pastoral team spoke. It was my first time listening to him and he was so funny.

Thursday- This was our Backwards Day theme day. I dressed in PJs (get it? wore my night clothes during the day?). I had a camper dress up like me and she did a pretty good job! Braids, birth mark and all! :) I was very flattered. Then, I got told by another camper that I am "scary" when I play foursquare with the kids because I take no mercy and get everyone out! Made my day!!! haha

Friday- We went to Deerfield Beach for the day and it was so much fun. Woody came to visit and all of the campers just loved it! They all miss him and so do the counselors. He was such a hard worker. Hopefully he will come back and work for the camp in the future. I also got very very sunburnt even after putting sunscreen on several times! Boo!

Well this was a glimpse of week 2 of camp. Hopefully you enjoyed this and laughed along. Leave me some love if you did! :)

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