Saturday, June 18, 2011

1st week of camp

So, the first week of camp is done with. This is how the breakdown went, with some funny comments/stories attached to it!

Monday: Went over camp rules, registration, etc. Didn't have a devotion or anything planned for the first day so me and the girls just kinda chilled and learned about each other during devotions. Then we had lunch and went ice skating. At ice skating, a kid forgot his socks so Melody let him borrow hers right off of her feet and he proceeded to tell me that her socks were "nice and soft." So funny to hear that from a 12 year old boy. Hehe.

Tuesday: We went to Kabooms which is like an arcade type of place. Same kid borrowed Melody's socks again and it was just funny to me because I half expected him to comment AGAIN on how he liked her socks so much. Lost a kid, found him....that was interesting. Learned that 7th grade girls are not as innocent as they appear (one of them was talking about a term I had never heard, looked it up on UrbanDictionary to learn that it was something VERY inappropriate.)

Wednesday: Went to the movies to see Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer which was a HUGE bummer of a movie that led to us getting 1000 negative thrill points (inside joke with the movie).

Thursday: Super hero theme day at camp. Kid wore an army outfit complete with a vest and was so determined to go upstairs and get his vest after being told "NO" many times. Also got told by a boy in 7th grade that I either "got smaller or he got bigger" and I said, well I didn't get any shorter...and he goes "well...I got skinnier?" as he blushed. Haha, it was priceless because he was legitimately embarrassed.

Friday: We went to Coconut cove which is a waterpark and it was great fun. I just wish we would have stayed longer. We only stayed for about 2.5 hours. Also, learned how to play "Dutch Blitz" which is an insanely fun card game that I am addicted to now. And i had to give first aid to a counselor..(NOT a camper, but a counselor instead) because he scraped his back in the lazy river.

So that was basically the week in a very small nutshell. I will try to keep updating as the summer progresses. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

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