Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Service Fanatic #2!!!

I got my second "Great Service Fanatic" this week! :) I got it last night because I had a VERY difficult guest who was giving me a hard time and kept changing what she wanted and it resulted in me having a lot of voids on my register (not good) and almost in tears. But I continued to give her what she wanted until she was finally satisfied and left. A co-worker (who is an ornament personalizer) saw the whole transaction, which had lasted over an hour by the way, and awarded me with the certificate. I was so grateful because I was so frustrated and upset over this guest. It made me feel a little better!

I also worked a halloween party last night and it was really fun. I had a great conversation with a couple that was celebrating their first wedding anniversary and I also met a little girl who was dressed up as Lady GaGa (very realistically I might add) and she was just precious. I love the people I get to interact with on a day-to-day basis. I learn so much and I meet so many people from around the world.

And then, as I was leaving the bus stop last night, this random girl asked me if she could get a ride home because she saw that my ID had the same complex as her and so I said yes and I got to meet somebody new. She was super nice and from Colorado (which is somewhat near where i'm originally from) so that was a nice experience too!

I don't have to work until 5:15 today so I am just hanging out for the day, doing some crocheting for a charity called Knit Pray Love and I may do some scrapbooking here later! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. What a fun job! But, I've totally been there as far as customer service frustrations. I used to work at a hotel-I totally get it. Keep your chin up as each positive interaction you have with negative guests leaves a strong impression on those you work with. Let your light of Jesus shine, girlfriend!